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BiOcean Isotonic

BiOcean Isotonic™ 30 ampoules/box
Code: IAM100
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BiOcean Isotonic™ 1 Liter bottle
Code: IAM101
Price: $79.95
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BiOcean Isotonic™ is used to slow down the aging process in retirees and golden agers, in cases of a lack of energy and to strengthening the immune system. For individuals younger that 50, athletes and people trying to recover health and energy, try BiOcean Hypertonic™.

BiOcean Isotonic™ sea water contains all the minerals and trace elements in the same proportions as they occur in blood plasma. A number of elements are to be found only in traces, yet they are known to be essential to the assimilation of vitamins by the body, thereby making them indispensable to the health of the human organism identical solutions.

BiOcean Isotonic™
- Totally compatible with your prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.
- For all ages but particularly recommended for people over 50 of age.
- Revitalize your body cells and gives you ENERGY.
- Restore the electrolytic balance of your body.
- Re-establish biological equilibrium of your organism.

What is Isotonic : Isotonic literally translates to equal tension.

Cell Biology - An isotonic cellular environment occurs when an equal solute concentration exists inside and outside the cell. Water molecules flow in and out at an equal rate by osmosis, causing the cell size to stay the same. It will not lose or gain any solutes. Plant cells in an isotonic environment are flaccid, and they will wither. The equilibrium of water movement is unable to provide plant cells with internal pressure for structural support, and therefore plants prefer to live in a hypotonic environment. In this situation, the concentration of solutes inside plant cells is higher than outside, and the plants use active transport to transport solutes in. This also ensures the concentration of water will be higher outside plant cells than inside which ensures plant health.

Biochemistry - An isotonic solution has an equal amount of dissolved solute in it compared to the things around it. Typically in humans and most other mammals, the isotonic solution is 0.9 weight percent (9 g/L) salt in aqueous solution, this is also known as saline, which is generally administered via an intra-venous drip. It is a medium between hypotonic and hypertonic solutions. Red blood cells normally exist in a 0.9 percent salt solution (saline) with the same concentration of salt in the outside solution.

Athletics - This term is also used in relation to a sports drink with balanced mineralised levels mimicking the osmolality of blood. This property is claimed by their advertising campaign to increase physical endurance. The limited (6 rowers) scientific study they quote however attributes the 10% increase in endurance over water to the higher carbohydrate content. Source : wikipedia

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